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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Portsmouth

High Quality Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Portsmouth

Dust, pet hair, crumbs, dirt and much more lie and accumulate beneath your carpet’s surface. From the living room sofa and dining area carpet through to your bedroom’s rugs and throws, your fabrics can be brought back to life to their vibrant, fresh-smelling and plush best.

For carpet and upholstery cleaning in Portsmouth that can vanquish everything that sits under the pile of your carpet, it’s key that you choose professionals like our team at Chichester Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning.

Our experienced Portsmouth carpet cleaners work tirelessly across Hampshire for homeowners and businesses who require regular and deep carpet cleaning that can produce a number of unique stand-out benefits.

Booking one of our Portsmouth carpet cleaners is really simple. You can do so here on our website on our booking form!

What makes our carpet cleaning services in Portsmouth different?

Custom-built cleaning machines

Upholstery cleaning machine

Our custom-built carpet cleaning machines can cope with the various surfaces, from older carpets that require careful cleaning through to newer styles that can withstand the full power. Our investment in the best carpet cleaning technology helps to remove, freshen and inject a new lease of life into your carpets.

By selecting Chichester Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning you will see, feel and smell the difference that our cleaning can make to your home.

Standard vacuum cleaning only picks up on the initial top layer of dirt that can be seen by the eye. Deep cleaning from our professional carpet cleaners in Portsmouth and their latest tech will clean, clear, wash and remove the dirt completely.

The best, and most importantly, right chemicals for your fabrics

Another prong to our Portsmouth carpet and upholstery cleaning comes in the form of the chemicals that we use. Sourced from ProChem, one of the best suppliers in the carpet chemical world, we can remove carpet stains ranging from red wine, juice, food, marker pens and much more by choosing the ideal chemical for the job and the specific surface.

Portsmouth’s most trusted carpet cleaning company

Chichester Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

On top of our carpet cleaning, we can turn our hand to rejuvenate your interiors with our upholstery cleaning expertise. Curtains, sofas, mattresses, chairs and much more can be refreshed to leave you with transformed, attractive and welcoming interiors once more.

Our affordable and cost-effective price range is based on the size and style of the room. We are constantly looking to ensure we offer competitive pricing for our carpet cleaning services in Portsmouth.

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